Sunday, March 12, 2006

Take a minute to bring more moviemakers here

Here is a note from Nashville Film Folks regarding the General Assembly's consideration of incentives to bring filmmakers to Tennessee.

There are relatively few Memphis names listed on the Tennessee Film-Television Coalition site. You can remedy that. Read the following, go to the link and indicate your support.

Legislation to incentivize more film and television in the state of Tennessee is currently being lobbied for. Bills have been filed and are currently being amended in critical ways before going to committee in both Senate and House, where they will be vetted every which way possible. A lot will happen, one way or the other, within the next few weeks, and nothing can be taken for granted.

If you care about more film and television being made in Tennessee, your e-mail support will be needed at a handful of critical junctures - and one of them is now. Please go to:

and sign your name, business, and location [part of the state you are from] at the bottom of the website page. That website and your names will be looked at by legislators from both Senate and House over the next couple of weeks, beginning this Monday, March 13 -- so your visible support is absolutely critical at this time. There will be film folks and supporters of film from other parts of the state in coming days, so make the Nashville region's presence be felt.

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