Friday, March 10, 2006

'Southern Comfort' needs more

Several from Lisa Lax:

Fox-TV's, Southern Comfort, more casting needs.
I need good-looking girls,physically fit, no fake boobs or that type, real women, must be 21. This submission is for a very good featured part! On camera-time. Email me with your photos, or drop them off by 315 S. Hollywood, Memphis Tn 38104.

I still need more selections for my stand-in's for the leads. Stand-in's make $154.00 a day on this project so you know. If you fit the bill, get your headshot or photo to me today!
Please put on the outside of the package: STAND-IN Submission and attn: Lisa Lax. Drop to: 315 S. Hollywood, Memphis 38104 (Central and Hollywood) Maniax bldg.
Here's what I need:
6' ft tall blond guy
5'10" brunette older teen girl
5'8" dark brown hair male older teen
5'6 1/2 inch-brunette female-30's-50's
5'11' dark brown or a little salt & pepper male-40's(Eric Roberts)

If you're willing to work as background in just a group of ten pls let me know-this is for Saturday's test shoot.

I need headshots, resume's and/or photo's on these types asap:
Hardened criminals
blue collar workers
physically fit prison guards

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