Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On Location: MEMPHIS lineup

John Beifuss announces the program for the On Location: MEMPHIS International Film Festival here. Included are "One Came Home" by Willy Bearden and David Tankersley, and the documentary "Hometown Glory." The festival runs from April 22-25. For more info, go here.

Independent film call for headshots

The producers of the Memphis indie film, THE ROMANCE OF LONELINESS, invite you to send your headshot and resume if you are interested in auditioning.

We are looking for actors of all ethnicities, ages 20 - 75. There are especially a large number of female roles.

Please email ASAP if you would like the opportunity to audition between this Thursday through Saturday (March 25 - 27).

INCLUDE: Headshot and availability Thursday through Saturday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scriptwriting workshop

Before the actor was cast, the director was hired, the sound was mixed or the wardrobe created, there was the script.  Fuel Film, a not-for-profit cooperative that promotes the growth of the Memphis film industry through education and investment, is hosting the workshop, It Starts with the Script, Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 1 p.m. in the new University Center at the University of Memphis.  The cost to attend the event is $10. 

Those interested in attending may register at

The action-oriented workshop will feature guest speakers and facilitators including entertainment attorneys, screenwriting professors and professional screenwriters.

“Our goal is to focus on the best practices for writing for film,” says Fuel Film Founder Matt Beickert.  “Aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters need to learn the proper anatomy of a professional script so that they can increase their chances of selling their screenplay or securing funding if they plan to produce it themselves.”

Many aspiring screenwriters have few problems coming up with ideas, the challenge usually arises with structure, character development and ultimately how to move from the stage of creation to the stage of producing or selling.  Fuel Film’s It Starts with the Script, hopes to resolve the common as well as complex issues when it comes to writing, selling and producing a screenplay.

About Fuel Film: Fuel Film was founded in 2009 in an effort to help get more local films made. For more information and our 2010 Schedule of Events, go to:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Extras needed

Passing this info along:

We are in need of extras for a drunk driving PSA (MADD). Would you, or someone you know, or both, like to do some extra work? You would be donating your time for a wonderful cause. Please call me or email me asap if you are interested.
All my best,
Colors Agency
daryl@colorsagency. com

Tuesday, March 9
Memphis Funeral Home
At least 30 adults and some teens too!
Funeral attire
Any gender or race
sitting in the pews as the casket comes in.
Note: If anyone needs to bring children they can sit with the parents as long as they are age appropriate to attend a funeral and can sit quietly

Tuesday, March 9
Memphis Funeral Home
2pm - 6pm
15-20 people - all adults
BG for visitation. Attire can be more casual - coats and ties not required but OK. If anyone from the morning group wants to stay over and be in the afternoon scene that is fine.
Any race or gender - although I do need more African Americans from 2pm-3:30pm (for Kathy's scene). This is probably my most critical need.

Wednesday, March 10
FedEx World headquarters 
4pm - 8pm
20 adults - they will be sitting in a nightclub, drinking and listening to a comic tell drunk jokes. This will be intercut with the wreck scene. need people who can project well - we will shoot lots of reaction shots and closeups of people laughing. Casual attire but appropriate for going out.