Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Extras needed

Passing this info along:

We are in need of extras for a drunk driving PSA (MADD). Would you, or someone you know, or both, like to do some extra work? You would be donating your time for a wonderful cause. Please call me or email me asap if you are interested.
All my best,
Colors Agency
daryl@colorsagency. com

Tuesday, March 9
Memphis Funeral Home
At least 30 adults and some teens too!
Funeral attire
Any gender or race
sitting in the pews as the casket comes in.
Note: If anyone needs to bring children they can sit with the parents as long as they are age appropriate to attend a funeral and can sit quietly

Tuesday, March 9
Memphis Funeral Home
2pm - 6pm
15-20 people - all adults
BG for visitation. Attire can be more casual - coats and ties not required but OK. If anyone from the morning group wants to stay over and be in the afternoon scene that is fine.
Any race or gender - although I do need more African Americans from 2pm-3:30pm (for Kathy's scene). This is probably my most critical need.

Wednesday, March 10
FedEx World headquarters 
4pm - 8pm
20 adults - they will be sitting in a nightclub, drinking and listening to a comic tell drunk jokes. This will be intercut with the wreck scene. need people who can project well - we will shoot lots of reaction shots and closeups of people laughing. Casual attire but appropriate for going out.

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