Friday, March 24, 2006

MIFF workshops

The Memphis Film Forum is offering these workshops. Both are free and open to the public.

Workshop I
10:00 A.M.-11:15 A.M. at TheatreWorks
March 25th – Saturday
“The Documentary Life: Then & Now”
Guest Lecturer: Robert Mugge

Robert Mugge, who has been described as the king of the American Music documentary, is a 28 year veteran of the documentary world. He will share his unique vision and illuminate his independent struggle on the road to survival in this genre. Some of his past works include: “Gospel According to Al Green” (1984); “Deep Blues” (1991); “Hellhounds on my Trail: The After Life of Robert Johnson” (1999); “Blues Divas” (2004) and of course, our MIFF 7 Opening Night film, “New Orleans Music in Exile”.

Workshop II
11:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M. at TheatreWorks
March 25th – Saturday
“The Distribution Challenge”
Guest Lecturer: Richard Mendelsohn

Richard Mendelsohn, representing his company, Proactive Entertainment Group, has 36 years of experience in marketing and selling video products at retail. He can answer any question regarding access to the primary channels of wholesale distribution and the retail market. Based in Rancho Mirage, California and Memphis, Mr. Mendelsohn is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge regarding the sale of images in all forms.

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