Sunday, March 12, 2006

Li'l Film Festival entries announced

Here's a list of the films to be shown at The Li'l Film Festival sponsored by This is a splendid chance to see what some of the area's indie filmmakers can do. The guidelines: No film can be longer than five minutes and each must contain footage of the Baptist Hospital implosion.

"Heatwave" Brian Churchill
"Why Baptist Went East: a story of sprawl" Ken Armstrong
"Arrogant Dead People" Jon W. Sparks
"Super Mule" Lin Workman
"Happy Holidays" Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury
"Willacious Jackson" Tammy Marqueerius
"Imagine" Rod Pitts
"Mouse Trap" David Thompson
"Wired" Edward Valibus Phillips
"Oh Fu__" Christopher Reyes
"Chaos" Sarah Fleming
"Once Upon a Time in Memphis" Nick Ross and Shelly Gillette
"Contents Under Pressure" Elizabeth Harris
Also, look for a surprise entry from LFM staff TBA.

WHO: Live From Memphis
WHAT: The Li'l Film Fest
WHEN: Saturday, March 25 @ 2pm
WHERE: The MeDiA Co-op, 1000 S. Cooper

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