Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Southern Comfort casting

From Lisa Lax:

Calling all actors!
There are so many important characters and roles in this Fox pilot. This week I will be meeting the director to sit down with him and show him headshots of people. This is a great opportunity for people here and I'm just shocked at how few headshots and resumes I have from the great talent in Memphis. I have so many from Nashville and all the agencies there.
The director could be looking at your photo for a featured extra and decide he likes your look and gives you a part. It's happened to me numerous times now.
Pls mail your headshots and resumes' to Lisa Lax: c/o Southern Comfort-315 S. Hollywood. Memphis 38104.
I now have the opportunity to show Hollywood what great talent is here. Pls help me out.

(I also need a Vietnamese guy to cast).

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