Tuesday, March 14, 2006

'Divine Manipulation of the Threads'

Rusted Sun Films is proud to present the premiere of Divine Manipulation of the Threads at Malco Studio on the Square March 27th-30th. A four-day stretch at a major theater is quite an honor for a no-budget independent film made purely with dreams and determination. It also speaks to the movie's professional quality.

This is the second feature for the homegrown production group. Their previous movie, "A Cowboy’s Silver Lining," received top billing at film festivals across the county. It made history as the Indie Memphis Film Festival's first ever sell-out -- 293 people packed the theater. "Divine Manipulation of the Threads" promises to create the same buzz.

“Have you ever wanted to slam someone’s face with a waffle iron, just so you can hear the satisfying crunch as they go limp from the searing pain?” That’s just a taste of the quips and twists this dark comedy takes. "Divine Manipulation of the Threads" is a clever dialog-driven film about a bank heist that will that keep you laughing and guessing until the credits.

The 87-minute movie stars a cast of 37 Memphis actors and several downtown businesses. The production quality is astounding -- this looks nothing like an independent. One of the scenes was even shot in 3-D. This is another example of why you will be shocked to learn Rusted Sun Films did it all with no money! The “MacGyver-esque” production company even built their own high tech gear to get the job done. Everything from the steady camera to 17-foot camera boom are homemade concoctions.

MovieMaker Magazine voted Memphis as one of the top ten places to shoot an independent film and we know why. First and foremost, Malco Theaters deserves a round of applause for providing local filmmakers with a place to make their dreams a reality. Craig Brewer first screened "The Poor and Hungry" there; now many have followed in his footsteps. We confirmed the premiere dates for Divine Manipulation of the Threads just one week ago. With no money to publicize the event, We worked the phones and were amazed at the willingness of local businesses to open their hearts and their wallets to this project. Dish, Ameriprise Financial, Bluff City Graphics and Midtown Vision Center have all signed on as sponsors, proving that Memphis stands behind their own.

You will find the official trailer to Divine Manipulation of the Threads at www.rustedsunfilms.com.

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