Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Start your own lobbying campaign ... now

Jan Falk is on the ball, writing to Gov. Phil Bredesen to work up support for legislative incentives now before the General Assembly. Here's her letter and the message to all of you is to write your own and let him know how you feel:

Governor’s Office
Governor Phil Bredesen
Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243-0001

Re: Tennessee Filming Incentive

Dear Governor Bredesen,

I am writing to you once more, regarding putting forth a progressive TN Film Tax Incentive. Being an actress whom resides in the Memphis area and works in the commercial and film industry, (nationally, regionally and locally) I am concerned and voicing my opinion once more with the hopes that you will consider and present to our great state an attractive economic incentive plan for film production.

Tennessee is a feasible, economic place for film production and it would provide the state with a magnificent boost of civic pride! A TN Film Tax Incentive Plan could ultimately pump millions into the local as well as state-wide economy! Tennessee actors, Tennessee technicians and Tennessee craftspeople will ALL benefit as jobs are created!

With our treasure chest of wonderful locations through-out the state, the history, the landmarks, the oak-lined streets graced with quaint southern neighborhoods, scenic lakes and riverfronts that meander beneath a canopy of city high rises and communities, cotton fields to southern mansions….from Memphis to Nashville and from Knoxville to Chattanooga, Tennessee provides an eloquent backdrop for any film production.

My hope is that it will soon be a reality, that Tennessee will be a financially desirable location for film production.



Jan Falk

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