Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Award-winning 'Act One' at Malco

The feature film "Act One," the Best Narrative Feature in the hometowner category at 2005’s Indie Memphis Film Festival, will screen in regular engagement at Malco’s Studio on the Square Theater. The film will show four times daily between Feb. 17, 2006 and Feb. 23, 2006. "Act One" is the latest award-winning film from Old School Pictures, a Memphis filmmaking collective that has been making movies since 1998.

The romantic comedy-drama stars Allen Gardner and Bettina Adger of Los Angeles, as well as Casey Cannon and Joey Watson of Memphis. The film also features a cameo by local character actor and stage director Jerry '21 Grams' Chipman.
"Act One" was written by Allen Gardner, who also plays the lead. The film was directed and produced by Brad Ellis, who, along with co-producing partners Mark Norris and Matt Weatherly of Old School Pictures, previously won the Hometown Narrative Feature category at the 2002 Indie Memphis Film Festival with their thriller, "The Path of Fear." Featuring more than 50 speaking roles and using locations all in Memphis, "Act One" is a light-hearted yet moving story about young Kevin Hansen and his journey into adulthood. The title character is a successful first time screenwriter whose work had been produced by a big Hollywood studio. Charged with writing another hit, Kevin explores his own life for “inspiration,” but discovers so much more. "Act One" was budgeted around $15,000 and shot on the Panasonic AG-DVX100A, a camera that captures 24 frames per second for a simulated film look. Additional equipment highlights new to Old School Pictures included an ARRI light kit and a custom-built dolly to enhance the overall production value of the film. The filmmakers are ecstatic to announce the weeklong engagement of Act One at Malco’s Studio on the Square Feb. 17-23. Public promotion of this event, which will premiere with an opening-night kick-off on Feb. 17, is underway. More information on Act One or the cast and crew of Old School Pictures can be found at, or by calling (901) 229-0753.

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