Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Got jobs?

Today is when your future begins. Get ready for the next several weeks and months to watch what the General Assembly does on this -- and be prepared to write your state representatives and senators.

Click here to see John Beifuss' story in today's CA.

Today, a Tennessee film committee delivers a report intended to ensure feature film and television production in the state doesn't fade away despite the Oscar glow surrounding such Memphis products as "Walk the Line" and "Hustle & Flow." The 32-page report by the governor's Film Production Advisory Committee, to be delivered to Gov. Phil Bredesen and the General Assembly, condemns the state's "obsolete" film production incentives and recommends that Tennessee lawmakers enact specific financial lures that would match, and in some cases surpass, those now offered to filmmakers by competing states such as Louisiana and Georgia.

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  1. Our Eyes are on the General Assembly and pen and paper are at hand!!

    Come on everybody.... get ready to write!!!!

    G & J