Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Casting call

I need several actors for a medical industrial being shot here in Memphis on February 21-22. The payment depends on which part is cast and whether the part is an actor's or extra. Both are paid and require one day's shooting. Please email a vitae and head shot to: david@memphisinternational.com or call 276-6661 during office hours for an address to drop one off in midtown. Please post this.
The actors needed are:
African American male, mid fifties to play a patient. He's a former vietnam vet so he is somewhat fit but not necessarily buff.
Male to play a doctor. no particular age or ethnicity required.
Female to play a nurse. no particular age or ethnicity required.
older white male to play a patient.In his seventies
Mid fifties woman to play a patient. She has had chemo so her head will be covered with a scarf. Doesn't have to be thin because chemo has not necessarily effected her weigh.
Mid fities woman's husband should be close to same age or early fifteis. Should look like they fit together.
Additional actors needed to be determined on Monday.
The extras needed are:
Wife of mid fifties african american actor. Should be close to same age and look like she fits with that actor.
Teen or young 20s male to play the grandson or older white male.
Actors must be able to read and memorize lines while extra's do not have speaking parts.
David Less

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