Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Act One" brings Memphis Indie scene together

From Old School Pictures:

We have a full week of "Act One" screenings at Malco Studio on the Square starting this Friday, February 17! That's right, 4 shows a day for a total of 28 screenings! Malco Theatres has decided to co-sponsor the film and you can find tickets available on their website ( or at the Studio on the Square box office. We will also be listed in the newspaper's movie ads starting with this Friday's Playbook alongside the slate of first-run Hollywood titles. Here are the showtimes for the film (and note that these times will be consistent throughout the week):

"Act One"
Malco Studio on the Square
Friday, February 17 - Thursday, February 23
1:25 * 4:40 * 7:25 * 9:45

This weeklong event was created with the intention of giving the general public an opportunity to see "Act One" in a theatrical setting. Many of you attended our screening at the Indie Memphis Film Festival last fall, where we were fortunate enough to take Best Narrative Feature in the Hometowner category. This became the big premiere event for "Act One," but we realize that seating was quite limited and many people were simply unable to attend. Well, now is definitely the time to act - and you've got 28 shows to choose from.

We'd like to stress that the Friday night 7:25 showing will be a unique "mini-premiere," where you'll have the opportunity to meet members of the cast and crew. We also plan on having an after party at Bosco's (which is basically in the parking lot of the theater), and we encourage you to join us there to round out the night.

Of course, if the week is better for you, then by all means go to Studio and fill up those seats! We really want to demonstrate that providing an outlet for local filmmakers to exhibit their work can be a truly successful venture. If our threatical run goes well, Malco will surely be open to sponsoring future events of this kind, which will be a tremendous bonus to the Memphis film community. Speaking of which, we are also going to be featuring samples of work from others in the local film community, namely Grade One Entertainment, Corduroy Wednesday, Rusted Sun Films, and Live From Memphis. Their trailers will be presented at the beginning of our screening, along with our extremely grateful thank-you's to the sponsors of this event. Malco Theatres, of course, as well as Churchill Studios High Definition & Post, Cornerstone Media, Gardo Design Group, and Time Warner Cable are the gracious businesses that have supported us in making this event happen.

Time Warner will be airing "Act One" television commercials starting Wednesday, February 15, so definitely keep an eye out for our 30 second spots on the national cable channels. You may have also seen our posters plastered all over town to advertise the big event. It's coming on fast, so please secure those tickets as soon as you can.

From all of us at Old School, we send our thanks out to all of you who have helped us along the way, and we hope to see you during this exciting upcoming week!

- Old School Pictures

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