Saturday, November 12, 2005

Walk the Line premiere: In love with Ginnifer Goodwin

Tuesday night's premiere of "Walk the Line" was jumpin'. The stage was set at the red carpet bash at the Malco Paradiso by two gorgeous cars out front, a vintage Caddy and a classic DeSoto, both of 'em with grand, swooping fins that could fly you to heaven at 85 m.p.h.

Memphis and Shelby County Film and Television Commissioner Linn Sitler greeted invitees at the door and the lobby was packed before and after the screening with film lovers, actors, VIPs and guests.

Memphis Cool was there and scored an exclusive interview with several of the actors involved. Top of the list was Ginnifer Goodwin, the charming and heart-meltingly beautiful Memphis native who had the tough role of Vivian Cash.

I can't comment on my own performance, but making this movie was truly the greatest acting experience of my life. I think that something about -- no, not something about but absolutely being in Memphis -- having that safety net and that warmth certainly made me a lot braver, so I felt like I could really dive in in a way that I don't think I necessarily trusted myself to do before. I was at home! It's where I learned to act. That was just magical, getting to come back here to do what it is that I love and the place that made me who I am.

She and Joaquin Phoenix had an electrifying fight scene. We agreed she deserves kudos:

I hope that Joaquin and I will score some nods in the best fight category this year because we didn't have a choreographer. I can unabashedly brag that we really went for it and I got cut with that breakaway sugar glass that I wasn't supposed to get cut on!

And Memphis Cool unabashedly praised her performance because (despite Kathy Cash's opinion) Goodwin skillfully made Vivian's reactions understandable:

It was so important to me that we not villainize her because they were two people who got married very young and didn't know each other very well and couldn't give each other what they needed. It was unfortunate and she was so WRONGED. This is a movie that's lauding this very fated true love and very fated magical creative collaboration but still it's about this affair! Somehow people I think in real life saw Vivian as the other woman when really SHE was scorned. So I felt for her.

And what's coming next?

A drama series in June called "Big Love" on HBO. Sort of like "Sopranos" but about polygamists.


Can't wait.

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