Thursday, November 10, 2005

Everybody's a #&$%#* critic

The Associated Press reports:

Kathy Cash, one of Johnny Cash's five children, was so upset about how her mother is portrayed in the upcoming movie "Walk The Line" that she walked out of a family-only screening, five times.

She thinks the movie is good and that performances by Joaquin Phoenix as her dad and Reese Witherspoon as her stepmother, June Carter Cash, are Oscar-worthy.

But she told The Tennessean newspaper that the film unfairly shows her mother, Vivian Liberto Distin, Johnny Cash's first wife, as a shrew.

Kathy Cash says her mother was proud of Cash until he started taking drugs and stopped coming home.

Ginnifer Goodwin plays the role and as written, it could have been played poorly. But Goodwin did a remarkable job interpreting her character. Too bad that Kathy perceived only the worst, but people that near the limelight often have a distorted view. In fact, an exceptionally skilled Goodwin went to pains to show Vivian as someone who wanted to keep her marriage and family together and if that meant reminding Johnny of his promises and obligations, then so be it. That's not shrewish, that's tough love. And I would suppose that most viewers will see that she was put in an impossible position by Johnny's choices.

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