Sunday, October 11, 2009

IM09: Photos from Saturday

Three cheers each to Nicki Newburger, Robin Salant and Tommy Kha for their continuing devotion to making a photo record of Indie Memphis. See their work on the Indie Memphis homepage, but here are a few Nicki took on Saturday:

Christopher Reyes and Sarah Fleming of Live From Memphis explain how it all works.

Filmmaker Dan Baker at the Filmmaking for the Web workshop.

Misti Rae Warren performs beautifully at the Festival Cafe.

Ben Rednour of Corduroy Wednesday and Christopher Reyes of Live From Memphis try to locate the power button.

Web filmmakers Edward Valibus Phillips, Joe Swanberg, Cory McAbee and Craig Brewer help the rest of us figure it out.

Corduroy Wednesday's Erik Morrison and Edward Valibus Phillips annoy some unidentified blogger.

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