Monday, October 12, 2009

Casting: America's Most Wanted

Notice from LAX CASTING:

Please submit photo or headshot/resume to Angela Frederiksson at
if you fit any of the descriptions.  INCLUDE A phone number so we can get in touch with you.

Barreto Character Breakdown:
Main characters:
Janet Barreto: 38 yrs, 350-500lbs, white female. Janet is very lazy, manipulative, and violent with the children. She is a diabetic who doesn’t seem to care where she leaves her insulin needles, and doesn’t make cleanliness a priority. She runs a puppy mill and is a slum lord for a living, and adopts small children from Guatemala like some people collect records. She has very little patience with children, and makes her daughter Marainna care for the small adopted children on her own.
Ramon Barreto: 30s, 165lbs, Hispanic male. Like the song, Ramon apparently likes his women on the trashy side. He is skinny and mean, and instrumental in running the puppy mill business. He is accused of disciplining the children by putting hot peppers in their mouths to make them stop crying and dunking them in barrels of water until they pass out. Despite this harsh behavior, neighbors say he put on a good front. 
Marainna Torres: 17, white and Hispanic female, apprx. 200 lbs. Marainna is Janet’s daughter from a previous relationship, and bears a strong resemblance to her mother. She has been beaten by Janet since her father moved out when she was young and Ramon moved in. Janet basically uses Marainna as a servant and babysitter. She forced Marainna to quit school at age 16 to stay home permanently and take care of all the adopted children by herself. She lives in fear of her mother, and is forced to carry out her duties as the pressure and unhappiness in her builds to a breaking point.
Young Marainna: age 8, resemblance to older Marainna. Young Marainna is afraid of her mother, who beats her often.
Enna Barreto: 2, Hispanic female. Enna was adopted by the Barretos and brought to their home in New Albany, MS. The Barretos abused the poor little girl, and she was subsequently killed when Janet ordered Marainna to discipline the crying child and the teenager snapped. It was Enna’s death that started the investigation into the Barretos. 
Edwin Barreto: 3, Hispanic male. Edwin was also adopted from Guatemala by the Barretos and abused the same way as Enna. When he was recovered by DHS and police from the Barreto household, he immediately formed a special bond with the Chief Deputy Jimmy Edwards. Edwards says that Edwin “picked him” right away. Edwards and his wife began visiting Edwin in foster care, and fell in love with the little boy. Now, they have adopted Edwin into their happy family.
Other adopted children :
Celeste Barreto: 3, Hispanic female
Byron Barreto: 8, Hispanic male
Juan Barreto: 3, Hispanic male
Lucrecia: 2, Hispanic female
Luisa: 2, Hispanic female

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