Sunday, November 9, 2008

Talent sought for Web project (adroit and cocksure)

Actors, thespians, and starlets, leading ladies and lads, even the hams for the cams...

Corduroy Wednesday Films is seeking talent of the acting variety for an uber top-secret web series.

Okay, it's not so secret, it's called "The Conversion" and follows the downfall and post-apocalyptic world after the digital TV conversion on February 17th, 2009 goes horribly awry.

These "webisodes" will hit the internets from December 08 to February 09. We pay in fun, good times and tasty snack foods. Most roles will take a day. We need all makes and models but here's a few lead roles we need:

White Male 30's: Best described as Ryan Seacrest(ish)...

African-American Male 50's, 60's with a deep, soulful, radio DJ voice.

Female, any race, late teens to early 20's. A lonelygirl15 type gal.

Contact us at with resumes, pics, availability, likes, dislikes, and just to let us know how you're doing today.

We'll also get a few things posted up on our website: &

For those who we've yet to meet in the fine Memphis community, Corduroy Wednesday Films is a band of adroit and cocksure individuals who enjoy the fine art of independent filmmaking.

Recent works on our resume:

L'Hippopotame Vert FTW! (Winner Li'l Film Fest 8, screened @ Indie Memphis 2008)

Grim Sweeper (Premiered at Indie Memphis 2006)

And a few other cinematic samples are swimming about in cyberspace...

See ya on the www,

CW Films

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