Saturday, November 15, 2008

Story on True South Studios

Here's an excerpt from John Beifuss' story on a local production company:

"We put our funding toward production instead of bricks and mortar," said Bob Compton, 52, the Germantown millionaire who is the guiding force behind True South Studios, a new multimedia company that is poised to be one of Memphis' most active filmmaking houses.

Incorporated earlier this year, True South Studios recently opened an office Downtown in the EmergeMemphis facility at 516 Tennessee.

The partners in this production and distribution company are chief executive officer Compton, who made his fortune as a venture capitalist specializing in startup technology companies; vice president of operations Les Edwards, 52, a financial consultant and accountant (he handled the payroll for Craig Brewer's recent "$5 Cover" production) and longtime organizer of the Indie Memphis Film Festival; and creative director Dan Treharne, a young Memphis moviemaker who this year wraps up his graduate film studies at the University of Southern California.

Read the entire story here.

1 comment:

  1. "The playing field has been leveled."

    "You can now produce a near-film quality or, I would argue, film-quality movie at a fraction of the cost of a Hollywood production, and that's got Hollywood in a turmoil."

    Neither of these statements are true. Hollywood controls the distribution chain, very few independent films get a theatrical release, how is that leveling the field?

    And Hollywood isn't in turmoil because anyone can go shoot a film in 4k for a fraction of the cost.

    Format and visual quality are irrelevant, name actors are.

    Films without name actors don't get wide distribution, so until you can hire Tom Cruise and Jodie Foster for $100 a day, independents don't stand a chance.

    And internet distribution is fine for giving away your project for free, but only a few people have made a decent amount of money by using it as a distribution mechanism.