Saturday, April 29, 2006

MeDiA Co-op info

May is a busy time around the MeDiA Co-op, as pretty much everyone who volunteers their time to make things happen around in the basement headquarters is either involved in pre-production/production, or post-production on feature length projects. THAT SAID, there's not alot of events, although there's a lot of activity and we hope to see you all around!

The lovely Amber O'Daniels will be on hand to give a free Meisner workshop, as she has three new Meisner classes opening up in the coming weeks...What's Meisner you may ask....well, show up, and find out! For more info: CLICK HERE.

Andrew Nenninger, MeDiA Co-op's Membership Co-ordinator will also be on hand to sign-up members for May, so please don't forget to renew your memberships, or become a new member this month. You don't need equipment? You can be an honorary Co-op member and donate to help us exist! Your donations are tax-deductible.

We hope to see you there!

***The MeDiA Co-op, now in it's 4th year of existing in Memphis, would like to graciously thank First Congregational Church for their amazing, continued support for the community...Without their love, the MeDiA Co-op, 4 years later, would most likely still be, merely and idea. THANKS!!!!!!

MeDiA Co-op
1000 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104

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