Friday, April 21, 2006

Home for shoot needed -- in a hurry

I am looking for a home to use for a film location on May 3 and 4.
Homeowner will receive $1000 per day for the use of their kitchen,
breakfast area and Dining room. In addition, homeowner will be
provided with a certificate of insurance. Ideally, the kitchen would
have white cabinets. Windows are a plus to provide us with a bright
and airy look. This is for a commercial campaign that will show a
young family preparing for a dinner and having a family meal. It will
be intercut with scenes to be shot in Marsh Supermarkets in

If you are interested in submitting your home for consideration,
please send digital photos of the kitchen and dining room to If you do not have a digital camera and would like to
be considered, send me an e-mail and I will drop by to see it in person.

All submissions need to be made by Saturday, since I will be leaving
town early next week to shoot the scenes in Indianapolis.

Sorry for this late request, but we have had location scouts
scattered throughout the city and have yet to come up with something
that meets my needs.


Robert McCrary
McCrary Productions, Inc.
4005 Loch Meade
Lakeland, TN 38002
Cell 901-484-0118
Fax 901-377-7994

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