Monday, December 26, 2005

Premiere of a Ben Siler film this week

“Prom Queen,” a half-hour short from -- according to the CA -- Memphis’ most promising emerging filmmaker, Ben Siler, is 8 p.m. Thursday (29th) at the MeDiA Co-op at First Congo, 1000 South Cooper. The film, as tantalizingly described in the CA, "is a series of eccentrically cropped snapshot-like video images accompanied by odd captions or slogans. The result is not so much a biography of its title character (played by Katherine Dohan of the band Scandaliz Vandalistz) as a geography of the dreaded East Memphis-Germantown nexus as experienced by clever young people preparing for the bittersweet separation of college life."

Also on the bill is the Kentucker Audley short “Bright Sunny South,” named the best local short film at the 2005 Indie Memphis Film Fest and almost featuring Memphis Cool in a scene that was, tragically, deleted.

Admission is $5. Visit

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