Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Burlesque is alive and -- well!

Christine Gladney is a shrewd entrepre- neur, gorgeous starlet, accomp- lished musician, smart performance artist and excellent exercise instructor. She is also a terrible cigarette girl, but that's a personal story for another time. Her latest endeavor is Naughty Pilates, a brilliant concept blending burlesque and fitness.

Filmmaker John Michael McCarthy hosts the exercise video and music is from local groups 68 Comeback,The Preachers Kids, The Oblivians, Redondo Beat, Mr. Airplane Man, Lorette Velvette and others.

This is a for-real exercise video and if you do it, you'll shape up. It's also a great entertainment starring Memphis talent. It makes a great Christmas gift -- G-rated enough for your pastor's wife but wild enough for your especially imaginative friends. Check it out.

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