Monday, December 7, 2009

Auditions this weekend

Miles To Go Productions will be holding auditions for their latest project, Lost Lyric.

Lost Lyric is the story of a young girl who, after witnessing the murder of her younger sister during a holdup at he father's business, begins to be able to see and talk with "the other side".

Her parents are concerned that there is something seriously wrong with her and take her to see a therapist. The therapist discovers that Lyric has indeed acquired a very special talent and that it is very real. Even though others think she is suffering from emotional trauma, Lyric sees that there are possibilities to do good things with her newly found gift..

We have several roles available. Here is the cast list.

Lyric Joslyn
Age Range : 14-17
Personality: Emotionally detached, sweet, caring, needs to cry on cue
Bio: Protagonist

Dr. Nichols
Gender: male
Age Range : 40+
Personality: Philosophical,
Bio: A psychiatrist

Maggie Joslyn
Age Range : 7-10
Personality: Sweet
Bio: Lyric’s younger sister

Age Range : 25+
Personality: desperate, cold blooded
Bio: Robber

Don Joslyn
Age Range : 37+
Personality: Emotionally detached, short fits of anger caused from depression,
Bio: Lyric’s father.

Joan Joslyn
Age Range : 35+
Personality: Protective, peacemaker
Bio: Lyric’s mother.

Mrs. Thompson
Age Range : 35+
Personality: Excited, Bubbly
Bio: Mother of Lyric’s friends

Clare Thompson
Age Range : 14-17
Personality: concerned, caring
Bio: Lyric’s friend

Age Range : 14-17
Personality: Spoiled, Cynical
Bio: Lyrics friend

Dr. Rossi
Gender: female
Age Range : 30+
Personality: Understanding,
Bio: Lyric’s second psychiatrist

Mrs. Williams
Age Range : 70+
Personality: Easily confused,
Bio: Elderly customer of the Joslyn business

Steven Williams
Age Range : 40+
Personality: outgoing
Bio: Mrs. William’s son

David Williams
Age Range : 40+
Personality: reserved
Bio: Mrs. William’s son

Robbie Andrews
Age Range : 7-10
Personality: void of emotion, frightened, needs to act with limited dialogue,
Bio: Missing child

Sheriff Ellis
Age Range : 40+
Personality: gruff but caring
Bio: Sheriff of the small town Lyric lives in

Age Range : early 20’s
Personality: upbeat
Bio: Sheriff Ellis’ deputy

Lakeside Murderer
Age Range : 25-50
Personality: cold blooded
Bio: Murderer

Some scenes will require background extras, and should this project go further than four episodes we will need to fill roles not yet written. Should you read the above information and not see a role that is right for you, but would like to introduce yourself to Miles to Go Productions, we strongly encourage you to participate in the casting call.

Due to our limited budget, these are non-paying roles.

We will begin shooting in late December and plan to shoot through January,2010.

Please bring a headshot and resume, sides will be provided. The auditions will be held on Saturday December 12 and Sunday, December 13

The Saturday auditions will be held at Germantown Community Theatre from 4-7pm.

The Sunday auditions will be held in Southaven, Ms  at a time and location to be decided later.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Ray Noland and Michael Crohan

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