Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Initiative Launches to Help Finance Memphis Independent Films

 “Do what you love and you'll never
work a day in your life.”  That phrase represents one of the
influences for filmmakers and a new non-profit organization whose goal
is to promote the Memphis independent film industry by connecting
filmmakers with investors.  Fuel Film Memphis, powered by Launch
Memphis, recognized a void when it came to Memphis filmmakers doing
what they loved but also having to pay the bills.  As a result, they
are holding an open conversation about entrepreneurship and
filmmaking, Thursday, November 19, 2009 at Otherlands Café at 7:30

The event, called "Film Storm: Creative Conversations about
Entrepreneurship and Independent Film," which is being sponsored by
the Memphis Film Commission, will consist of a brainstorming session
on the development, funding and marketing of independent films in
today's marketplace.   Fuel Film recognized that although the digital
revolution greatly decreased the cost of producing a film, to have a
successful and sustainable career in filmmaking, cash is still king.

“The problem is not the lack of ideas or creativity,” says Matt
Beickert, one of the founders of Fuel Film, “the problem is a lack of
funding options to not only produce a film, but to actually promote

An independent film movement has definitely been brewing for many
years.  The days that film producers wait to be picked up by a
distributor and give away all of their rights with minuscule profits,
if any, are slowly fading away.  They are looking outside of Hollywood
for solutions, reaching their core audiences in unconventional ways
via the Internet and word of mouth.  They are also looking for
financing outside of the very closed Hollywood system.

Fuel Film, powered by Launch Memphis, is a new initiative engaged in
promoting growth of the Memphis film industry through education of
Filmmakers, Producers, and Investors.

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  1. Hey Jon - my friend Matt Bowling told me to come check out your blog. Really great stuff, man! I was trying to do a similarly themed thing, but, as you well know, the Memphis film scene is hoppin'! Great job keeping up with it all! I was wondering if you'd have a look at my blog, as well. I'm trying to get some people to check it out and hopefully contribute some of their own thoughts to a documentary I'm working on about Black Lodge Video. Sure would appreciate a little boost in my traffic. Take care and hope to talk to you soon.