Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Apparently the hotties preferred to move away from me.

When you're about town, grab a copy of the latest VIP magazine in which Linn Sitler gives an account of the "Nothing But the Truth" world premiere in Toronto in September. We were both there and what she reports is true. My version would have included the afterparty's "Brigitte" with an accent dripping with French dressing, and my chat with Alan Alda during which he had no idea what I was talking about, Vera Farmiga's husband mock-berating me (I'm pretty sure) and Kate Beckinsale giving me a good review. And some random guy who thought I was funny (or that I looked funny) and wanted to get a picture with me. Here's the excerpt from Linn's article:

... Shot in Memphis in the Fall of 2007 and starring Kate Beckinsale, Alan Alda, Matt Dillon and Vera Farmiga, the festival audience rewarded the film's world premiere with a standing ovation!
Attending the premiere with Memphis's Jon Sparks -- veteran journalist and, lately, filmmaker and actor of note -- I snagged a couple of invitations to the 'Cast Dinner' and cabbed it to a hip Toronto club where Rod Lurie, Kate Beckinsale and a very pregnant Vera Farmiga awaited us. (Not really, but they at least let us in.) There, Jon happily basked in the attention of the five female American Movie Channel executives at our dinner table. Not only was Sparks looking glamorous as the only man who'd obeyed the invitation's instructions to wear a tux -- he also quickly let slip that he had an important cameo in the movie! At the after-party, I protected the very-married Sparks from the overtures of a dirty-dancing Nashville party girl. (!) Having an extra invitation, I'd also called Dr. Robert Bernasconi, himself in Toronto that weekend, but for much more cerebral affairs: an international philosophy conference. However, Bernasconi, holder of the Chair of Excellence in the U of M's Philosophy Department, is also known as the bon vivante of academics. He quickly joined the party, and then I had to protect two men from the party girl from the Music City. (She also wanted to dirty dance with me!)

Me and random guy

Linn and Dr. Robert


  1. I enjoy your blog and recently started following it. I couldn't hold back when you mentioned Kate Backinsale. Had I know she was in Memphis I would have quit my job to see her (kidding of course) so I must say. You are a lucky, lucky man. Cheers and I look forward to more posts.

  2. I think the top most pic deserves a caption contest.