Friday, May 12, 2006

Filmmaking 101

Planning is everything. And if you're going to shoot in public, make sure that everyone who needs to know is given a heads up: property owners, cops, neighbors. From today's Commercial Appeal:

Collierville High was placed in lock-down for 15 minutes Thursday after a motorist spotted three armed men in camouflage walk from a school parking lot into woods next to the campus.
Police surrounded the area, arrested the suspects and discovered they had two plastic toy weapons, a pellet gun, a knife and video camera.
"They said they were going to film some type of documentary in the woods," Police Chief Larry Goodwin said.
A passing motorist had told the deputy that three males dressed in camouflage left a vehicle parked in the lot on the west side of campus, off Frank Road.
They appeared to have firearms as they entered the wooded area, police Lt. David Townsend said.

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