Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Shall we gather at the river?

Today's CA has details on The Pyramid's role in Craig Brewer's upcoming movie:

"Black Snake Moan" will be shot entirely in Memphis and the Mid-South, despite economic incentives that would have saved the production $875,000 if it had relocated to Georgia, a state that has been trying to recruit Brewer's film for months. "To be honest, this is the deal that kept us here," said Brewer.
Here's more from the article by John Beifuss:
  • About 350 extras will be hired, along with numerous crew members.
  • Shooting begins Sept. 12.
  • Producer Stephanie Allain and Brewer have formed a company, Southern Cross the Dog, that has a two-year deal to develop projects for Paramount. It will develop "an extensive slate of local projects, including a television series set in Memphis."

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